Holding Space for Dialogue

Collaboration is often a challenging proces. Especially in a complex world where truth seems to have many versions. Sensibility for and ability to invite different perspectives into the room is important and challenging at the same time.

Learning about and dealing with each other’s versions of truth, navigating personal and collective narratives, is an important skill which helps build and sustain resilient and effective (work) relations. The School of Narrative Leadership helps boards, leadership, teams and individual employers to work towards a social safe work environment and more resilient collaborations.

Carla-Maria Verwer

My name is Carla Maria Verwer. I am a specialist in Interaction Patterns & Collaboration, with a focus on psychological safety and well-being in the workplace. I support teams and their leaders to work towards a safer and more inclusive team culture. I have experiences  an academic and technical context and offer (mainly) training and support in English.

I am a member of

I am regularly described as perceptive, determined and light-hearted. And courageous. An equal and astute interlocutor who moves along when adequate, invites different perspectives on the table, and remains steadfast if this is more constructive to set the situation in motion in the desired direction.

I have a background as an Internal Communication Advisor & Community Art Theatre Maker [Theaterpraktijk]. I am trained and experienced in opening up conversations in complex situations: in opening up alternative outlooks as a way forward in situations that seem stuck.  I easily move between different layers of an organization. Getting in touch with what’s going on by sometimes actively offering an impulse, lecture or working method, sometimes by having a coffee and open up a conversation. First move along and then connect or push back. For example.

Always with the underlying and guiding end goal in mind: which could be a contribution to shaping a strategy or mission, or to the ‘act of participation of all’ for example. How do people who are less likely to be heard or seen also get to speak up, participate and become visible ? In a safer climate, all people matter ánd participate: in dialogue and through dialogue.


“We set each other in motion. I constantly add thoughts of other people to my thoughts. I reshape them into something of my own, something personal, that I thereafter share again.” – Guus Kuijer