“We set each other in motion. I constantly add thoughts of other people to my thoughts. I reshape them into something of my own, something personal, that I thereafter share again.” – Guus Kuijer

I think we should share what is meaningful to us. What our thoughts are. How we relate to things. Let’s take time and set light to it. In this way we can understand each other and ourselves better. We might find common ground in our narratives. And then, we lightheartedly continue our own path with a sense of connection. I hope to meet you on our way one day.

A sense of connection emerges while talking about personal and meaningful topics. That is how I imagine the School of Narrative Leadership to be. As a rich and meaningful place where likeminded people meet and go on a journey together. Gathering around common, personal and/or professional themes or questions. A place where you feel known because you recognize yourself in the stories of others. A meaningful place for academics, engineers, teachers and young professionals  who are interested in Personal Leadership and development from a narrative perspective.   |  0031 6 28 65 2612 | Utrecht – THe Netherlands  |  Linked in

Carla Maria Verwer is connected to the Dutch order of Professional Coaches and has a CRKBO (Central Registration office for Vocational Education) registration and therefore Dutch Educational institutes are free of VAT.