Narrative Leadership

Narrative Leadership is about being aware of your own and other peoples meaning and sense making. The starting point for our learnings is the distinction between story and narrative: let’s call (life)experiences and events story and the connection of these stories, narrative. Goal of our learnings: improve (personal) leadership skills in creating safe and inclusive work spaces in which all voices can be heard, in a brave, clear and lighthearted way.

The narrative – the thread of connection of stories – reveals and creates meaning. By looking at the singular experience ├índ by finding out the mostly unconscious and invisible connections you make with other experiences in your life, you gain insight in the building blocks of your idea’s. Of your narratives. The connections of stories are your narratives. And these connections feed your idea’s, and predict your behavior.

We all have so called dominant narratives. We usually connect new experiences to the narratives most known to us. Which makes them stay dominant. This makes it difficult to open up for an alternative outlook and other possibilities. And you are not the only one: other people, the organization you work in, your new in-laws: they all have got their own dominant narratives. And as long as we believe these narratives to be true, it will rather divide us than create a sense of connection, safety and belonging. It will be difficult to explore common ground and work or live together effectively, let alone safe and and inclusive.

This is where The School of Narrative Leadership comes in. Narrative Leadership is about taking ownership for your outlook in life. A narrative perspective opens up your outlook on your present connections and therefore on other possible connections; this view would be closed off and stay unseen when looking at the world through the lens of logic. The emotional aspect of your experiences is an important building block for your meaning and sensemaking. You will develop a sharp sense of perception, explore narrative theory and structure, develop awareness, bravery and language to deconstruct your own narratives and open up for viewpoints of others. You gain language to invite others to be more candid and daring. And by doing so, space for alternative narratives and behavior will emerge. We give you tools to hold this space and be sharp AND safe at the same time – gently but firmly steer behavior into a safe and inclusive atmosphere.

Narrative Leadership gives you a mindset and practical tools to navigate between personal experiences and steer collective interpretations . Narrative Leadership is therefore about the inner decision to have an open and clear outlook and clear mind via conscious perception, presence, sensibility and bravery. And by doing so, unlocking alternative ways and create an open space for multiple perspectives and voices. Our approach, courses and learnings will make you look differently at your thoughts, arguments and actions and open up new possibilities and actions.

We are looking forward meeting you!