Carla Maria Verwer offers one on one coaching from a narrative perspective.   “I mostly work with academics, engineers and teachers. I my coach sessions I invite you to find answers beyond logic. We taking time to deconstruct your work practice, experiences, thoughts and maybe even parts of your life in a lighthearted way: explore the known, reconnect with the forgotten, discover the unknown and find meaning for the present. And by finding forgotten or overlooked possibilities shape your future actions based on what is meaningful to you. And, depending on your position in work or life, help others to do so as well.

All in a preferably lighthearted way and mindful for the objective of your coaching. This could be a concrete working goal. Or maybe the way you currently live and work burns you out and you would like to change that but you don’t know how. Maybe more resilience or courage would help you to take the necessary decisions to steer a situation in a desirable way and you would like some help with that. Please feel free to contact me.”

Narrative Perspective can be helpful when you would like to have a closer look at:

  • Career development: my professional stories and what is meaningful to me, my career choices, my career narrative;
  • Being ambitious and yet work healthily: what is ambition to me, what is ‘enough’ for me, what does my body tell me (if anything);
  • Development of Leadership skills: a narrative outlook on my team – how do I perceive my team members and how do I perceive relations and connections, how can I communicate in an inclusive and clear manner;
  • Your dominant and alternative narratives: let’s open up possibilities.

Different methods help you along your way. Carla Maria Verwer is trained in and likes to work with: Narrative Counseling and Therapy, CSR-method (Chronic Stress Reversal – a psycho biological evidence based method), and a certified in Transactional Analysis, MBTI (Meyer Briggs Type Indicator) and voice dialogue. Carla Maria preferably works face to face, but via skype would be possible. She is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.