Holland Alumni Network: Professional Stories

On december 4th 2018 Carla Maria Verwer was invited by the Holland Alumni Network to share her findings so far concerning Narrative Leadership. The Holland Alumni network aims to facilitate an international network of Holland alumni, future alumni, Holland Alumni associations, Dutch higher education institutions, Dutch embassies and relevant organizations.

Carla Maria will explore her answers to the questions: what are characteristics of a narrative perspective, mindset and way of working as a community theatre director and writer? And how could that be meaningful for Personal Effectiveness and Leadership? She has translated her findings into playful and useful methods for meaning and sense-making and opening up possibilities for ones work and life.”

About the workshop Professional Stories: looking back and stepping forward: “We will look at the concept of Professional Growth and to what is meaningful for you in your work with the help of narrative methods. You will look back at the year that lies behind you and, if time allows us, you will identify some actions for the coming year based on what is meaningful to you. We will do this through collective working methods and by using narrative inquiry. Although it is your own work and path you are looking at, stepping forward and talking with likeminded people about what is meaningful to you, will create a sense of connection; a sense of a joint journey. As far as I am concerned a necessary feeling in this individual era we are living in.”

Holland Alumni Event