Tailor-made Learnings

At the School of Narrative Leadership we translate narrative theory and presencing (theatre) techniques and embodiment into practical tools which will make it lightheartedly easy for you to make and create sense of a complex reality in a complementary way then what you are used to.

We offer tailor-made learnings for academics, people who work in an applied science environment, teachers, therapists and young professionals.  The learnings give insight on how we construct narratives. We look at the effect of these narratives on how you perceive yourself , how you look at the world around you and how it effects your behavior and the way you communicate. We give space to experiment with how you can communicate your point of view in an appealing, inspiring and authentic manner. Narrative Leadership is a matter of the mind, body and soul.

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There is a possibility of one-on-one online and offline coaching. When you are interested go to Narrative Perspective for more information.

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