Elham Semsar Kazerooni, Senior Design Engineer at ASML Carla Maria is a great coach in personal effectiveness and self-awareness, her way of working is so natural and simple that everyone can easily make a connection with it. She is inspiring and energetic, has very careful eyes to see peoples’s hidden side and to help them get aware of that. Thanks Carla Maria for the insight you offered me! Roland Toth, Associate Professor at Technical University Eindhoven Carla Maria is one of the excellent professional trainers at the Academic Leadership Course for Assistant Professors at TU/e. One of her strengths is to quickly exemplify concepts and personalize characters in simulations of various leadership and communication situations. She can easily tap into the human nature and core of the behavioral aspect behind of these events we face in our everyday life in the academic world, helping to understand ourselves and our communication partners and steer the situations to a beneficial result. I’ve personally learned a lot through her empirical methods which were also fun as she has got a nice and vivid personality spiced with a good portion of humor.