The School

Collaboration is often a challenging task. Especially in a complex world where truth seems to have many versions. Sensibility for different voices expressing their version of the world is important, helpful and confusing at the same time.

“It is much harder to hurt someone if you know their story”                                                                        – Scott Ranking,  CEO & Creative Director Big Hart-

Navigating personal and collective narratives, learning about each other’s versions of truth, is a fundamental personal and leadership skill which helps you build strong and safe teams. Narratives have the capacity to produce, challenge and change the identities of individuals as well as collectives: we use narrative sense-making to create order, explore emotions and search for meaning and connection to others.

The School of Narrative Leadership helps you and your team to explore interpretations of situations aiming to work towards a safer work environment and stronger collaboration. We look at the effect of interpretations on behavior, communication, and collaboration. We explore inclusive language, congruent attitude and helpful action. Via tailor made interventions you enlarge your sensibility for different voices and perspectives, listen to yourself and others with a refined awareness and experiment with ways to invite all voices in the room, respond adequately and choose and guide direction with confidence.

The School designes interventions, courses and learnings for academics, people who work in an applied science environment, teachers, therapists and young professionals.