The School

The School of Narrative Leadership offers (mainly tailor-made) courses and learnings around Playfulness, Perception and Positioning. The foundation of our learnings are narrative theory, presence (theatre) techniques and exploration of experiences and meaning. The School designes courses and learnings for Therapists, Teachers, Academics and Young Professionals. I hope to see you one day!

In our daily and professional life there is a need for logical arguments and lawful formulations. Many choices are made according to this logic; What is considered approved and appreciated behavior is defined by it and ones credibility mostly depends on it. The School of Narrative Leadership will complement this need for logic with a Narrative Perspective on  daily and professional life experiences and the effect of those experiences on our meaning and sense making.

A Narrative Perspective,  is our assumption, opens up possibilities and alternative ways; these ways would be closed off and stay unseen when looking at the world through the lens of logic. Narrative Leadership is therefore about the inner decision to have an open and clear outlook and clear mind via conscious perception, presence, sensibility and bravery. And by doing so, unlocking alternative ways. Our approach, courses and learnings will make you look differently at your thoughts, arguments and actions and open up new connections and actions. Continue reading to learn more:  Narrative Leadership

Composing a life involves a continual reinterpretation of the past and a re-imagening of the future to give meaning tot he present (Bateson, 1989). This proces is  key for the the School of Narrative Leadership.