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“This above all: to thine own self be true…” Hamlet

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Composing a life involves a continual reinterpretation of the past and a re-imagening of the future to give meaning tot he present (Bateson, 1989). This proces is  key at the the School of Narrative Leadership. 

The word School is derived from the Greek ‘σχολή’ which means ‘leisure’. In those days education was something for your spare time since most people spend all their time at work. There were no classes nor exams. It was a place where academics could have conversations, based on Plato’s ideas.

Spare time is still scarce. With the School of Narrative Leadership I’d like to create a place where you can meet with likeminded people. A place to take time to have meaningful conversations, linking your own practice and experience to others, and by doing so new ideas and perspectives will emerge. The School offers space to take time to reflect, open up perspectives and possibilities. No classes nor exams. Taking your time to deconstruct your experiences, thoughts and maybe even parts of your life in a lighthearted way. and time to see unkown, forgotten or overlooked possibilities.

In our daily and professional life there is a need for logical arguments and lawful formulations. Our choices, approved and appreciated behaviour and our credibility mostly depend on it. The School of Narrative Leadership will complement this need for logic by addressing our storied nature. The school works under the assumption that the activities and experiences in life are filled with meaning and stories, rather than logical arguments or lawful formulations.   We offer a narrative mindmap and approach which will start from your reality;  from your arguments and lawful formulations. Our approach will make you look differently at your arguments and actions and will add a sense of ownership, connection and direction for you and the people around you on a different level then content alone.

“Look at life and people as if it were a theatre play” – William Shakespeare

Founder of School of Narrative Leadership is Carla Verwer. Carla has a background in Business Communication and is a theatre writer and director. and Leadership trainer and coach. The school is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Please feel free to contact her.


Professional Stories: Looking Back and Stepping Forward

On december 4th 2018 Carla Maria Verwer is invited by the Holland Alumni Network to share her findings so far concerning Narrative Leadership. The Holland Alumni network aims to facilitate an international network of Holland alumni, future alumni, Holland Alumni associations, Dutch higher education institutions, Dutch embassies and relevant organisations. Carla Maria will explore her answers …

Lecture: Narrative Mindset and Approach

Dr. Javed Khan, assistent professor at TU Eindhoven, invited Carla Verwer, Founder of School of Narrative Leadership, for a guest lecture on narratives at the department of Industrial Design. On november 30th 2017 Carla spoke  about the difference between narratives and stories, about deconstruction, meaning, distinguishing meaningful elements of narratives and creating helpful structures. A narrative …


Carla Maria Verwer

Voor de Nederlandse website ga naar: School voor Narratief Leiderschap.

Founder of the School of Narrative Leadership is Carla Maria Verwer. Carla Maria has a master degree in Business Communications at the Radboud University of Nijmegen and completed the Academy of Theatre at the University of Applied Science in Tilburg. Carla Maria combines her background in her work as a trainer and coach in Personal Effectiveness and Leadership, and she works with personal story’s as a theatre writer and director.

“For as long as I can remember I have been curious, creative an
inquisitive. Over the past 15 years I have been able to be just that in all the work I do.”

On my way to Santiago de Compostella

I love going on a journey with people, exploring paths that have been walked, skipped,  overlooked or ignored – preferably in a lighthearted way.

With my work, and by founding the School of Narrative Leadership, I hope to contribute to greater understanding and acceptance of one’s self and others around us, connect and communicate on a deeper and more considerate level and to broaden one’s own perspective and possibilities and inspire others to so as well.

For more information about my theatre work you can check out my website Theaterpraktijk .