Het goede (online) gesprek

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As a leader or mentor you strive for effective online meetings: talk about content, discuss results and align tasks in the most efficient manner. Maybe you wonder what you can do to maintain a good connection while working together online? In his Masterclass you will get tips and tools on how to facilitate effective ánd engaging online meetings.

Currently we find ourselves in an exceptional situation in which working online is the new norm and social interactions have decreased substantially. Working from home and online meetings might lead to a loss of connectedness and have an impact on motivation or feelings of well-being. The power of leaders to keep a good relationship with their people/team is more relevant than ever, and more difficult than it has been before.

About the training

Narrative Leadership is about enhancing effective meetings by creating engaging conversations and showing support. In this Masterclass you learn more about the range of possibilities that you have in an online conversation to increase connection, with one person or with a (small) group, you will get adequate tools and tips on how to facilitate engaging conversations, and how to open up a conversation about motivation and/or well-being. Part of the program consists of practical exercises and tailor-made-assignments based on cases and questions of participants.

In case more support is needed for your employee than you can or should offer, you get tools on how to discuss this and to re-direct this person to another organization or person.

A few weeks after this Masterclass, the group joins a Follow Up Meeting with the trainer to share and discuss the experiences with the new approach.

Trainer :  Carla Maria Verwer, School of Narrative Leadership