Gespreksleiding Burn-Out

TNO is an applied science organization in the Netherlands. Young employers of TNO were able to attend a program about stress in the workplace named ‘Unwind your Mind’.  Carla Maria Verwer was asked to prepare and moderated one of the workshops of this program using a narrative approach during the preparations and narrative structure as guidance of the evening.

Two employers who had just recovered from a burn-out were brave enough to share their experiences. An expert complemented the stories with (scientific) information. The experience experts shared their stories using  a narrative structure. It enabled them to structure their experience during their preparation, gave enough structure to hold on to during the workshop itself, which lead to enough confidence, a sense of safety and freedom to keep exploring their own stories with audience in the room. It enabled the audience to connect the different experiences, relate to their own experiences and ask questions.

Carla Maria Verwer introduced the narrative method. We worked on ‘burn out and recovery’ falling a narrative structure. This clear structure created space to share experiences, create rich stories,  and keep participants involved.  The stories of the two experience experts were understandable and palpable. As an expert I could give information to enrich the stories with (scientific) information. The rest of the attendees listed, asked questions and gave their support. An interesting and inspiring structure to work from and with!

Carolien Hamming, CEO CSR-centre, stress and burn out coaching –

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